Sunday, March 22, 2009

20 miler

Today's 20 miler wiped me out. I hit the couch when I got home, was going to post. But it took much effort to sit here and think of something to write. Even though I could talk about the 20 miles I just ran I was unable too. I was exhausted.

Ok for the bare details of the run, met Rick at the Lilly Pond parking lot in Mill Creek Park to run at 7:30. It was a cool 30* at the start, got up near 50* before we finished. Yea we're slow. The park would is really great place to run, would be better if it wasnt so dang hilly. Not sure how many hills there are too many to count. But since I keep the pace easy on long runs we end up walking some of the hills, especially later in the run. The walk breaks dont bother me and are part of my long run and marathon race plan. I dont follow a set pattern of walk breaks ala Galloway but plan to walk thru water stops, perhaps any major hills in marathon so no reason not to train that way so your used to stoping and starting.

Overall it went well, finished in 3:37 that included refilling water bottles, Rick had stashed earlier, a couple of pit stops and a couple traffic stops. A few of those things cannt be avoided, even on race day. Right now I think things are going better then a few weeks back. Not sure im on track for a 4:15 but I think I will finish. Since DNF isnt in my vocabulary Im sure I will. Please dont tell me what DNF stands for either.

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Melanie said...

good job on the 20! you'll be ready for your marathon -- walk breaks work for me too.