Saturday, March 28, 2009

Podcasters dilemma

I have 2 dilemmas First how do you spell dilemma? Secondly I have signed up for Why? Is it so I spend more time logging my 5 mile runs then actually running them? Nope. Its true I have too many logs. Running2win is my main one I been using the longest ever since coolrunning shut theirs down. Dailymile I do cause a friend asked me to join and its more of a social network.

So why buckeyeoutdoors? Because I kept hearing about the challenges on there while listenign to podcasts and decided I wanted to particpate in them. The newest one bye Trilogy running caught my attention. You sign up to be on your favorite podcasters team and they keep eleminating teams each month till they get to one. Runners can switch teams every month. Obviously Trilogy Running plans to win it. I looked at the list and there were a few I never heard of.

So the dilemma is which podcast team to be on. I narrowed it to a few right a way, Trilogy Running, phediations, RunRunlive, Running Stupid and 4 feet running. Im sure I could name a few more. Nigels runnign from the reaper podcast sure seems popular with the most runners currently. Im sure some late comers will be jumping in there. Im sure the popularity of Steve Runner will get a lot of runners for his podcast team. I noticed the Trilogy at 11 runners and 4 feet running at 9 were in the next best positions currently. So I am deciding between 2 of my favorites. I look forward to both of these and listen to them ASAP.

Choosing between Chris Russell at Runrunlive and Coach Ken of the Running Stupid podcast is a real tough call. I have twittered with Chris and actually got on his podcast for a couple of seconds. On the other hand I have gotten emails from Coach Ken, a supporter of my Running Bastards club and (this was the clincher) is currently sending me a kazoo. Yes my very own official Running Stupid kazoo will soon be in my possion. I understand your jealousy. So because of the kazoo I will sign up for the Running stupid podcast team. Go Team Stupid!

Of course if the kazoo doesn't show up by April 1 my mind could change. Tic toc, Clarice.


Denise said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. Yea, I've been using the clif shots and have had stomach problems a few times. I think I'm finally giving in to the fact that it's them. I thought it was only the ones with caffeine, but that doesn't seem to be the case. On to something new...

coachken said...

Stoked to have you aboard on the Podcaster's Challenge!!! I have to admit though, that the kazoo won't be there on the first... KICK SOME TrAIL at next weeks 25k!!!

All Day!

Kelownagurl said...

I'll make it easy for you - join my team! Kelownagurl Tris. lol...