Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I got my rejection email from GU energy gels. Needless to say I was expecting it. But they did put a coupon code in it for 20% off of GU products on there online store. So probably will take this chance to stock up on some GU. With 2 marathons and a couple of half's planned this year I willing be using it. Anyways its their lose has my number of followers has doubled in the last couple weeks.

Some bad news on the running front. I was supposed to do some intervals today but when I tryed to run at interval pace my hamstring was hurting. Now I could run at an easy pace with out much problem. So im hoping this is gone in a week or so and I can keep running, even if its at a slow pace for now.

So I have made further adjustments to my plan. Taking tomorrow has a rest day, Saturday will be easy miles on the trails. Then I will get in my 18 mile long run. Super easy pace there. Monday is a planned rest day. Then I will see how things feel on Tuesday to decide what to do. Part of me feels a week off might be needed. But im worried if that dont fix things how long off do I need or what do I do? Of course I know myself well enough to know I wont drop out of the marathon. Heck im already makng fall plans to run another.

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Melanie said...

sorry about the rejection letter for Gu... hope that hammy feels better!