Monday, March 9, 2009

Hilly Half from Hell

I got up Sunday morning to get ready for this race. I havent flet like writing about it after 2 days. Blah. Greg has renamed the Mill Creek Distance Classic Half marathon the Hilly Half from Hell. Apperantly its imported from Michigan. I got done to the park a little after 8 about like I planned. It was pouring rain. Blah. I didnt get much sleep last night and with daylight savings time going into effect I lost an hour there. This was a race not much went right.

About the only good thing in this race was my bib number and that's only cause im a pervert. I have decided to keep this ral short for 2 reasons. I want to stay positive and secondly I dont want to dwell on it.

here's the details. It poured. Soaked at the start. First mile was down hill so it was fast. Did first 3 miles too fast. Lots and lots of hills, big hills, little hills, uphills and even some down hills. Then at 6 miles I felt like I tweaked something in my hamstring. I kept running, then walked a little. Tryed to stretch it a little seemed to help. I kept going and finished while it started to down pour again in 2:12. Realisticly I knew the course and how hard it is. 2:10 was probably going to be a good day for me but thought I could do 2:05 or better.

Anyways, I havent run since. Ok todays the only real missed run but didn't feel right. Something about my right leg. I feeling old and falling apart the last couple days. Hopefully things will change in near future. The foot was starting to feel better and shin splint was doing better, till Sunday.

So for time being, Im doing a plan change. Trust me I know what im doing. For the time being , a week or 3, I will concentrate getting in long run and try for 4 or 5 runs a week. Maybe 3 but really want 4 or 5. I think the twice a week speed work might be to much. Not sure. I think I may of over done it trying to start a running streak. Guess im not cut out for it. I am actually considering taking a entire week off to see if thats what I need to get rid of this shin pain. Either way more icing and more stretching. Im not a time obsessed type of runner but this bothered me and to leave it hurt was worse. I have plans to meet some guys for a run tomorrow hoping that goes well.

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