Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have really cut back the running to try and get this foot pain and shin pain to go away. Increased icing them about 1000%. Of course being on my feet standing on cement floors for 10 hours at work isnt helping it. But it has been feeling better. I went and did my tough hill run according to my marathon training plan and the shin splint didnt hurt, a few noticable twinges. But nothing bad. My foot was a little worse. The top of the arch was noticable most of the time. Not debilatating or anything but it let me know it was there. I keep running on it long has it dont get worse. I think the cutback in miles the last couple weeks has helped in general.

But of course I did the 6 mile work out like Planed anyways. Lots of hills in this route. Its also part of the Mill Creek DisanceClassic Half Marathon I am running in this Sunday. I have been signed up for a while and I know this is a very tough half. Of my 10 half marathons I have run, the 3 worse times were at the Mill Creek half. Well If I can PR for the course im doing great. The plan says a 12 mile easy run for Sunday so Im doing a half instead. Makes sense to me.

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Melanie said...

go for it, but just be careful, and keep taking care of that foot and shins. hey, did you ever hear from that person for your link to the movie?