Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long run sunday

It was long run day. Met my buddy this morning and we did the 17 mile loop around Mill Creek park. (there be hills) It went better then last weeks 15 miler. I guess I did need those extra days off this week. I have been having trouble with foot pain specificaly on the top the arch. So today I tried (I know brillant trying this first time on a long run) an arch support. Nothing fancy just slips into the heel of shoe and goes up to about ball of foot. I thought i had used them years ago without a problem maybe it was a different kind. Any ways I got done and had a large red spot about size of a quarter right below the ball of the foot from it rubbing me wrong. Much longer would of had a nice blister. I guess I might still. In 5 years of running I have had 1 blister. I quit wearing socks below shoe and never had problem again. Not even sure how you treat blisters. Well tomorrows an rest day so see how it is later.

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Melanie said...

rest up those feet. i get lots of blisters... but knock on wood, not with the most recent pair of shoes.