Sunday, March 15, 2009

18 miles and a fruit salad

Today I met Rick for our planned 18 miler. It was a chilly start in the mid 30's. But would warm up to 50. Was sunny out the whole run about a perfect day to run. I had good company, interesting conversation covering major topics, like baseball and football.

Of course things didnt stay perfect. I tryed something new. During the course of my long run I ended up taking strawberry cliff shot bloks, orange sports beans and strawberry-banana GU. Not quite the tasty sensation you might imagine. And with 5 miles to go started to have some stomach problems. Now Im not blaming anyone of these products. Im just saying not to take all 3 on the same run, cause if it gives you the same effect it did on my you wont have a fun run. Mostly just an upset stomach, did let out some belchs that were loud. The one Rick said he was afraid to look back fearing I had blown GU.

But we finished, not a great time but good enough. I had few things to do then mostly rested. Did collapse on couch later. 9 weeks till the Cleveland marathon.

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