Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hangover Classic

I ran the Hangover Classic 5K this morning. If 11 am is still considered morning. Its a real fun race a guy puts on out of his house. Its sponsored by his brothers carpet cleaning business and is free with lots of great door prizes. They even give cars away to the race winners. Porssche for first I believe. Ok there match box cars. Its a prediction run, no watches, and I predicted a slow time. Hopefully my slowest 5K of the year. But I was taking it realllllllll serious. Those that know me know I always serious at race time.
I had got together with my buddys and the 4 of us turned it into a group run doing the race together. It was like 20* out and road had icy spots on them. The course was a double loop around the town and when we by the guys house where the race director lives and grabbed the beer he had stashed in bushes in front of house. We drank the beer while running the second loop. Ok we actually walked the first hill while drinking it but has you can see very serious racing here.
After the race got a little bit to eat, lots of people bring covered dishes so plenty of good food. They have lots of good door prizes and odd ball prizes you dont get at normal races like predicted time, last to finish, best costume, oldest, youngest finishers. I didnt get a door prize but did walk out of there with the Tallest Runner prize. Not an easy feat unless im racing in lollipop land. OK my 6'5" buddy had left and I said I would get it to him. It was a good way to start the year.

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