Saturday, January 17, 2009

cold runnings

This week hasnt gone exactly has planned. I tryed to work around the frigid cold. I think it worked to a point but think my mileage will be a little lower then I would like. Heres what it was supposed to look like.

Monday - rest
tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - 5 miles
Thursday - 4 miles
Friday - 5 miles
Saturday - 3 miles
Sunday - 7 miles

So thru Saturday heres how its gone, Monday 4.4 miles. I knew the frigid cold was coming and got in a run so I could take at least one day off later in week.

Tuesday I changed up plans after finding out some guys from the trail club were meeting to run at same place I was going just later. Didn't get in has many miles they did but got in what I had planned for the day, only tougher on snow covered trails. A couple of the guys blogged about it and included pictures.

Wednesday, I was about to go run and got a call that my dad had a flat tire and needed help. It was cold, single digits. I drove to where he was and was able to get tire changed. Then since he was on a donut tire in snowy weather I followed him home. Then ended up going to get my mom at work. By time I got home I was exhausted and it was too late to run.

Thursday I got in 4 miles. Motivation was missing.

Friday I had planned to take off cause I knew I had stuff to do and never got the missed run in.

Today, Saturday, I got in a 7.4 miler with the temp at -1 when I started. Didnt warm up much at all. Winchill was saying -16 but I dont notice alot of wind. Maybe I had too many layers on.

So now to figure out what to do tomorrow. I could do 8 and the weekly mileage will be right there. Probably do something a little shorter since I will be going to run with the Road runners club. Well not the best week ever but not the worse. I should be able to do some extra next week and it shouldnt be quite so cold next week. These days around 0 degrees just sap your energy out running.

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Melanie said...

looks like a great week! The cold weather makes it tough to find motivation sometimes. Hopefully the temperatures will rise next week! :) enjoy the rest of the weekend.