Thursday, January 22, 2009


The genetics in my family are not good. Both parents have had heart trouble. My dad has had stints put in twice. Or is it 3 times. My moms had a heart attack once, while I was driving her to the hospital, and other problems. Now my brother is going in for a heart catherization tomorrow morning. Im not that worried, after seeing my dad go thru it a few times I know he should be alright.

Thing is he isnt that old. He is actually just a year and a half older then me, will be 45 in March. I realize 45 isnt a year and half older then 29 but we arent discussing my screwed up math age. But after our parents I think our similaritys end. After growing up in same house, I havent felt like we were very much alike. I know in some ways we are. One difference is that im a runner. Yes I didnt start till I was 38 five years ago I still think I was generally more physically active then him.

Secondly, he's a smoker. Not sure how much or how long but he definitely is one. Hopefully if nothing else this will get him to quit. The third thing I actually thought worked in his favor. I used to think he ate better then me. Well I know he ate less, simply cause he weighted less. Plus he doesnt suffer from pepsi addiction like I do. He used to drink mostly water. Some beer but I dont think he over does it. Other then his job he isnt very active. Other then my job and averaging over 30 miles per week running im not that active either. I actually have a bigger gut then him. I think he eats less then me.

Anyways, it now got me motivated to run more. Perhaps even start watching diet closer. I decided to not start smoking either. Alright I wasnt going to do that one anyways. Im too dang cheap to buy cigarettes.


Melanie said...

wow. sorry to hear about the genetic heart issues, and good luck to your brother tomorrow! I'm so glad I quit smoking before having any major medical issues as a result... hopefully this will give him the determination to quit... and good for you for using it as motivation to take your own life in your hands. :)

Some guy named John said...

Your genetics remind me a lot of my own: Heart disease on both sides of my family, including relatively young heart attacks for both parents. What scares me is that my dad was about the age I am now when he had his first one. All the more motive to keep active.

Jim E said...

"Other then my job and averaging over 30 miles per week running im not that active either..."
Most doctors would consider that a well above average level of activity, I think. My doc said "Wow" when told about my running.