Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow, snow more snow

I got in 4.5 miles today. It had snowed overnight and hasnt stopped yet. We got the 6 inches they were calling for and more. Toughest part of run was actually getting to the park. Roads were snowed covered still and road crews hadnt made much progress yet. I really dont feel comfortable on the roads here in this weather. Actually its just the one road with at least a half mile each way. In daylight with clear roads there is enough on side of road to feel safe. In a snow storm I rather run in the park.
I did run into a few runners I knew. No injuries. Made it nice for about 3 miles I did with them. Even though it interrputed listening to SteveRunner podcast but thats for when Im runnign alone.

Tomorrow is the Chili run at the road runners club and I plan to announce my goal for the marathon.

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Melanie said...

Phew, the snow missed Toronto! :) be safe, and good luck on the run tomorrow!