Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a quickie

Its kind of a cutback week for me. I have no plan for the week running when I feel like it how far I feel like going. So far I have 19.2 miles after taking Tuesday off cause of a ice storm. Next week starts the Official "Daa Daa" (enter the kazoo sound from running stupid) Dean Karanzes Cleveland Marathon training plan!!!! Ok its not officially for Cleveland but it was in his book 50/50. My buddy wanted to us it to train for Cleveland Marathon and since we did train together alot for my last 3 marathons what the heck. Im in for doing the Karnazes plan. More details on the plan soon, it starts on Monday! Just over 18 weeks till Cleveland Marahon on May 17th. Arent you excited??????? Who am I talking to???

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Melanie said...

i'm excited for you! I checked out his plans in his book, i'm curious to see how they work for you! Good luck!