Saturday, March 1, 2008

Feb. Review

Overall it was a pretty good month for running, especially if I go by total mileage, 140.6 miles. Second best month ever. I had thought of going for my best month ever but Thursday I decided I needed a rest day more. Then Friday I got so busy by time I got done I didn't feel like going out in dark and cold with even more snow to run. We finally got a new car. After our van got totaled its been a royal pain. I hope no one that reads this works for a insurance company but they really sucked this time and took their good ole time getting things done. Now that that is taken care of it should be easire for me to get to park to run or whatever. Fewer worrys at least. Now about the weather. Im sick of it. Had enough, cold and snow. I hoping the forecast for the next couple days is right.

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