Saturday, March 22, 2008

4 years and running

This march 23rd, will mark my fourth year of running. March 23, 2004 was the day I attempted my first run. I went out in sweat pants and not sure what type of shoes I had on. I had been doing some walking to try and lose weight and wanted to try running. It's funny I started out running to lose weight and now I am trying to lose weight to improve my running. I only remember I could barely make it a quarter mile, before I walked to catch my breath. My legs felt like they were 200 lbs each. I dont think I realized how bad of shape I was in.
Soon after that I went to store and saw a flyer for Runners World. In it they had a walk/run plan for beginners. The plan had you run a couple minutes walk a few. Built up in 10 weeks to get you running a half hour. During this time I ran my first race, "The 5K in May" in Austintown. I needed to take a few walk breaks but I finished. I was hooked on racing to say the least. Since then I have run too many races to count. OK its 113 so far. - Races
Included in that 113 is 2 marathons and 9 half marathons. Im currently training for my third marathon. I was running lots of 5K's when I started now I think I have changed. I still love to race no doubt, but with the longer races I need more training. Especially with attempting to improve my marathon time.
I dont remember exactly when but I did join the Youngstown Road Runners ( Youngstown Road Runners Club ) and try to make the Sunday runs has often has I can. I have a small group of running buddies that meet and train together. Or just run for fun together. Whichever.
Hopefully I wont forget that first day so that I know how far it is from nothing to 26.2. Or worse run and forget how to get back home. I still have lot of races I hope to do some day, if I ever get the money to travel to them. Next year is my 20th wedding anniversary, I think, some time time in June or July, I know it was long time before I started running. We went to Virginia Beach and I think it would be great to go down for the big Virginia Beach Rock and roll half they have there next year. I can dream I suppose.

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