Saturday, March 8, 2008


Yesterday a storm rolled in, today it just got worse. Snowed around 8 to 12 inches. After not running Friday I had to get a run in. I figured I had to do at least 4 miles to get to the 30 mile minnum I want to keep for MPW during marathon training, hoping to get it much higher then that. So out I went, hoping tomorrows 10 miler is better conditions. It was 26*, windy, slushy or snow covered slippery roads. Then it began to rain. Not actually rain but more like ice. What wonderful conditions to run in. Then going up the big hill of my 4 mile loop a plow started coming down at me. Luckily, no traffic and I had time to get to other side of street. At least it made it easier to run on. I could barely walk up the hill before. I got done, soaked and cold. But I got 20.5 miles in so far witha 10 miler planned with Rick tomorrow. Crossing fingers tomorrow is better.

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