Friday, March 21, 2008

The Glove

This winter I had a hard time holding on to gloves. I have 3 pairs and then got a couple more cheap pair gloves at walmart. Not running gloves but they kind of work. This way I could let them dry between runs. Now they were all differnt mind you, a black pair of mizuno that fit tight, nice for wearing 2 pairs. Then 2 looser gray pairs, one I bought at the Turkey Trot a couple years ago.
Some where along the way I lost the right hand of the black mizuno's and the left of the gray turkey trot gloves. Not exactly sure when or I would of known where to look. So I still had a "pair'. Mismatched but a glove for each hand.
Then on today's 5 miler I was on way back towards home coming down the big hill and looked over and there was a gray glove on the side of the road. Next to a snow bank it was laying there, to telling where I lost it on the hill with all the snow we had since I know I lost. A plow must of pushed it to side of road and now enough melted for me to see it. It was soaking wet, and had some dirt on it but the Turkey Trot logo was on it. What were the chances of some one else losing the same type of glove, same hand some where I run. So Im going to wash it and dry it and I will have a matching pair again. And a spare left hand handed glove.

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