Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mill Creek Distance Classic

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I got up this morning to get ready for my race, The Mill Creek Distance Classic Half marathon. My stomach wasn't at first agreeing with my plans. After a trip or 3 to the bathroom and eating a bagel it seemed better. It could of been caused by the ice cream I had last night, I knew I shouldn't of but I rarely have it (thats a lie) but really was in mood for some.
I thought I got enough sleep but I was dragging getting ready. Good thing I had most of the stuff ready and set out the night before. So I dont have to think in the morning. I drove over to my buddy Ricks place and rode in with him.
We got there in plenty of time and just had to pick up our timing chips and we were ready to go. I did about a mile warm up before the race. Then I ran into a couple of other buddys from my running club. A short BS session later and the race was started. This is my third time running this race, and it never gets easier. Its extremely hilly course. But starts with a couple of down hills, of course finishs with a huge up hill since we start and finish same place. there was 6 of us at start running has a group but that wouldnt last long. This is where the fun started has we took advantage of the down hill and near sprinted to get position with each other. Then we settled a bit has thing spread out a little.
We got to another steep downhill and Leonard and Rick were starting to pull away a little I looked at Bob and he said "want to pass them?" So we sprinted down this hill and passed them, got right in front of them and slowed down. Smart? Nope. Funny? Hell yes. I had trouble running from laughing. It set the tone for the first 8 or so miles for me. Rick and Leonard took off and we didnt see them again till the finish. But we kicked there butt on that downhill.
The first few miles or so went good, ran with Bob and Ron. Ron would keep a steady pace and we lost him around mile 4 or 5. I think some of the mile markers were off the splits early didnt make sense to me. I ran along talking to some different runners, one guy from Chicago, a woman I know from the Trail running club. She said her son an 8th grader was running first half with her husband. He ran slow since he did a 70 miler last weekend. I lost Bob before 7 mile marker because he stopped at the water stop to talk to someone. Then just past 8 mile marker a woman I know from the running club was directing runners and taking pictures. So of course I stopped and struck my superman pose. Of course by time she got her digi camera to work I probably looked like a dork.
Then oddly enough I started to run this like it was an actual race. I started to pick up the pace, or at least my effort. Maybe it was because I ended up in no ones land running alone for a bit. But I decided to see if I could catch up to Ron who was out of sight at the time. I must of passed about 20 people last 4 plus miles and a little past the 12 mile mark I caught up to Ron on the start of what they call the staircase, my favorite place to run. (thats a lie) Its a series of hills and then the finish up a big hill. It's one of the worse finishes to a half I can imagine. I was able to pass Ron and then up the last big hill with him a minute or so behind, I see Leonard, Rick and Bob's wife looking for us. I finished in 2:15:11 according to my watch. It's my worse time ever in a half but I had more fun running it then I can remember. (no lie)
I did have 2 complaints. First they could start the 5K race a little later so us not has fast halfers arent sharing road with them. Second and worse at finish I couldn't find any water at finish. They had in the cabin which ended up being so crowded I couldn't find it till a little later. I thought there was enough water on course though. Otherwise a great race!

The Splits:
2 20:02 (forgot to hit watch at 1)
3 11:47
4 9:16 (and I thought I was going same pace for miles 3 and 4)
5 10:25
6 10:33
7 11:11
8 10:26
9 10:04
10 10:48 (huge hill then a waterstop)
11 9:36
12 9:25
13.1 11:36 (13 was marked and I forgot to hit watch)

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