Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today I got in 18 miles to finish off the week with 40.6 miles. I ran every day but monday and over all a good week. Got in a tempo run tuesday. I just like the sound of that, Tempo Tuesday! Yea im strange. Wednesday I got in an easy 5 miles, ran the first 3 with Katie. If shes going to track and cross country again she needs to get in some running. Thursday was almost a waste but got in 3 miles after eating way too much at lunch. Friday and Saturday were just easy runs but thats what I had planned.

This morning I met Rick at 7:30 am outside his apartment building. Orginally it was just us but I got an email late last night from Bob and him and Leonard and Ron were running 16. It was at a different spot in the park. But they were starting till 8:20 which gave us just enough time to get in 2 miles then join them. Gotta love it when plan works out perfectly. Got done and had just a couple minutes between finishing and them showing up. With the 5 of us turned out to be a real fun 16 miles. Well has much fun has 16 miles could be. Leonard is training for the marathon also but I can tell he will finish way ahead of me. Bob and Ron are both training for halfs, Ron is doing the one in Cleveland. They both seem to be ready for a half.

This morning I did my regular Sunday morning weigh in first thing this morning and was187.2. Then went and ate a banana and bagel. Then went to my run and did 18. I had 2 bottles of water, a 20oz. bottle of gatorade afterwards, a package of fig newtons and a GU while running then another fig newton on way home. I reweigh myself out of curiosity and I weighed 186.2. I know it was just water weight but I wanted to know how much I lost running. Of course eating and drinking all that probably kept me from losing too much while running. Of course I been eating like crazy rest of day but do you know how many calories you burn running 18 miles? Still need to watch it better during week, would like to be under 180 before May 18.

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