Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Saving Time

Overall this week wasn't too bad training wise, I got in a speedwork day, recovered from last weekends half marathon, and then ran the medium long run planned for Sunday. Sunday kicked my butt all the way thru Monday. Im blaming it on daylight savings time. I like the extra daylight since I usually run after work in the evening. But Sunday I got up to meet Rick at 8 Am, what would of been 9 and didnt feel like I got enough sleep. Then went to a friends house and stayed lot later then I thought I would be there. So not enough sleep today, almost half what I normally sleep. Maybe I normally sleep too much but since I aint been real sick in a while I figure maybe thats part of it. Today I just felp wore out, almost like I was hung over. Since I haven't had a beer or anything since the first of the year I am sure its not that. Hopefully get a good nights sleep tonight and be ready and feel like running to get the new week started right. Hoping to reach 35 to 40 with some sort of speed work and get my 18 mile long run in next Sunday.

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