Thursday, February 28, 2008


I took today has a rest day, hopefully get a good run in tomorrow. Sure was tough not to go out there in those sunny single digits but Im managing. Would think after running 6 days in a row I would be happy to take a day off but if it was warmer I think I would be real tempted to go out but probably for the best I dont. At least I keep telling myself that.

My new book I ordered from arrived today, advanced marathoning, I have only skimmed thru it so far. I probably read it for most part over the next week. If I dont read it all tonight. For Cleveland marathon this year and last year I made my own training plan based on what I read in Bob Glover's book and Hal Higdon's website. When I ran the Towpath Marathon I just ran long every other week based it on article in TrailRunners magazine, "Run a marathon and still have time for sex" training plan. It said it would get you to finish line but dont have any time goals. Which is what I did, I finished that one. Now I think for my next Marathon, after Cleveland, I may go a bit more aggressive. I am going after a goal in Cleveland of 4:15, and pretty much have my training plan in place. My one problem is I would like to run Akron Marathon in September its 19 weeks after Cleveland. I guess that aint a problem.

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