Monday, February 4, 2008

Week ending 2/2/08

Overall I thought it was a good week running. The Good: I ran 6 days, only resting on wednesday. I got a tempo run in, a hilly run in Saturday and a long run in Sunday. My friday run I had a good pace for my 4 mile run. The other 2 runs were supposed to be easy/recovery runs so I guess they were what they were supposed to be so thats good.
The Bad: I ate too much the last couple days. And days I didn't I really didn't eat has good has I should.
Next week, I think I should do a cutback week. My long run Sunday is only 10 this week. I got another hill run planned with Christine and Rick Saturday. Hopefully, will be able to get around 30 miles this week with speedwork or tempo run on Tuesday and let rest of week be easy running.

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