Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Global warming my butt

A snow storm hit, its been cold this week. But got in 4 miles Tuesday and 6 today (Wednesday) so mileage wise I am good. Since im not working I should have no problem getting plenty of miles in this week. The plan calls for a long run of 16 on Sunday. I am more seriously considering running Akron marathon in September. Plenty of time after Cleveland to recover and train for another one. See how Cleveland goes first before I make a definite decision. But leaning that way. And hopefully can do it faster then Cleveland.

I looked at my training for last year's Cleveland Marathon and think it was light and weekly mileage and could use another long run over 18 miles. Maybe 2 more. I looked at my mile splits for the marathon and thru 18 miles I was on pace for a 4:15 averaging 9:42. But I had no choice but to take a pit stop during mile 19 that cost me about 3 minutes. Mile 20 was back on pace. Then I averaged 11:06 over the last 6 miles. Which tells me I need to build more endurance. Only ways I know to do that is more MPW and get in a few more long runs. I did some speedwork last year, but it was in good weather nothing like it is right now. Last year my type week was 43 and only had one other week over 40 miles. I averaged around 30 if I remember right off top of my head for the 13 weeks leading up to the taper. This time I feel im already ahead in MPW. Plus its an 18 week plan , last year it was 16. I hopefully it will work. Shooting for 4:15 but if im under last years time I figure its a good race. Under 4:15 is great,

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