Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I went to the park to do intervals on the loop around the lake. (its a .7 mile loop around) It had rained earlier but was record highs in the 50's so I wore shorts which is rare in January. Which was one reason I decided to do speedwork.I had so many signs saying not to run this evening. First my lunch seemed to be sitting like a brick in my stomach. Then right after I started to run my warm up it started to rain. Perfect.So I started to run half mile intervals. I wasnt sure what kind of time I would be able to run but just wanted to feel it was a good effort and get 5 done in a close range. It started fine, then on second loop the ice on the lake was causing it to mist up. So areas was like running thru fog. On third loop went by a couple of familys walking with kids and couple of them were smoking. So I was able to get a hit of nicotime while running. Perfect.After I finished the last interval I did a cool down and still felt the brick in my stomach. But was happy I got them done, and actually faster then the time the running calculator says I should be doing them at. Perfect. And of course has I was finishing it stopped running. I guess it was a perfect run.

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