Sunday, February 17, 2008

W/E 2-17-08

Overall it was a rough week. I was laid off all week, but weather was definitely not good for running. But I did get alot of miles in, 43.2. Thats the most miles I ever ran in a week by a .2. Last year I topped out at 43 miles my last week of marathon training before the taper. Im trying to work up to some 50 mile week. Last week I had a good pace week, with a couple or three days of speedwork. This week was just miles. Slow miles often caused by the conditions. Next week I will cutback some for sure but still would like to be in the 30's.

I need to stretch more. Right calf and hip bothered me today. Both felt like they were too tight. I think hamstring is too. I keep saying it and never seem to do anything about it.

I am in search of a new winter spectator sport. Something to get me from end of football to baseball season. Im trying out hockey, but its a tough one since Cleveland doesnt have a NHL team and only team I can see consistently is Pittsburgh. Guess I can root for them to lose. I lost interest in basketball. Im considering giving a NASCAR another chance but not sure. Curling doesnt get enough TV coverage. Im not seeing too many other options.

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