Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday snow and weight

It was sunny but cold has I left to get to Mill Creek park, but roads had a covering of snow. Since my hill running partner had canceled on me I turned it into a easy/easy run. I went to the Lilli pond and a did 4.6 miles. I went up big bear but looped it around on way back instead of out and back because of the snow. Had to be 8 inches in the closed off section. So stuck to the roads they maintain there. I am a little short of where I want to be for the week mileage wise but too many things interfering with it. Kind of lost mojo for a few days and my desire to run but I feel it coming back. Maybe I guess I did over did it a little last week but still plan to push MPW up wards but try not to over do it.

I am hoping to have my weight under 180 before the Cleveland Marathon. I am currently about 189. Thats down from 193 at begining of January I guess I have been eating too much. I have kept running consistently and put alot of weight back on that I started running to lose. Hoping to be down around 170 eventually. But those long runs may burn alot of calories but they sure do make me hungry. I guess I felt long has I ran I could eat has much of anything I wanted. I guess you can but doesnt help your running.

On a side note if I keep to my plan and do 10 miles tomorrow my miles for February will be more then January with 5 days to go. Must be the leap year affect.

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