Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday the 15th

I got in a 5 miler today. If all goes good should be a real big week for mileage. Of course my pace has been real slow. Mostly due to weather conditions and some traffic. If I keep running from home I will do more hills then at Buhl park. Mill Creek has plenty of hills but at Buhl this time of year only the lower part, no hills, is maintained for traffic. But to do speedwork (intervals, tempo) I plan to still go there. Or when I dont feel comfortable running the roads here. The other plus is I am using some of the routes I made on and have never used before. (go to and put in 44438 for zip code to find routes and you can see them) The 7.5 mile run I did on Thursday was a good run but one section had just a little more traffic then I like. But once the snow is gone the road might be wide enough then that it will alright. Or maybe I picked wrong time of day, 4:00 pm. I know I wont get a treadmill or be joining a gym, so making new routes help to spice things up. And has much has I like to run at the parks even they can old, especially Buhl its so much smaller then Mill Creek. So if I stick to this plan of run from home or Buhl park on week days. Go to park for any type of speedwork. Easy runs and maybe hill work outs from home. Then on weekends go to Mill Creek Park for whatever. I can do hills there. And my park loop is 17 miles so can do long runs there. Actually its a great place to run. My main reasons for driving to the parks to run are first safety. People seem to be watching for runners/walkers unlike regular roads. Secondly Mill Creek is where my running club meets and I meet people to run. This past summer when the club switches from Sunday morning runs to Monday evening the group I normally run with continued to meeet Sundays, and we started to get more then Monday night. Mill Creek is basically where I go to have others to run with, except when Rick came here for my Hellacious Hill run.

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