Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week ending 2/10/08

I feel it was another good week of marathon training. I finished it off today with a good 12 miler. I got a 16 miler planned for next Sunday. Due to the cold I thought todays 12 miles was tougher then last weeks 14 miler. My mileage over the last 4 weeks has been up. I looked and had never gone 30 mpw 2 weeks in a row before. Now I have gone over it 4 weeks in a row. GO ME!! I hope to keep the upward swing in mileage. Plus the intensity has been good. I ran 5 times last week and felt 4 were of quality. Todays long run, Tuesday did intervals, Thursday did tempo intervals and tough hill run Saturday. Speedwork will probably depend on the weather and road conditions but I am going to keep the MPW where it is or greater.

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