Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Trying not to play the numbers game. If I run enough this February will be the most miles I have ever run. I dont think I should just run them to be able to say that. Even though I hope to run more the next couple months. Either way it will be close. Real close. Most ever was 148.3. Im currently at 136.6 and debating whether to take 1 or 2 rest days this week. It may depend on how much I work the next couple days. I do want to take either Friday or Saturday has a rest day for Distance Classic on Sunday. I am using it has a long run and not going for a certain time or tapering for it. But dont want to go way overboard with mileage, just be in mid 30's like I feel I should be right now. But so tempting to go for it. And March should be a big month since I have 3 long runs planned. Plus hope to continue pushing weekly mileage upward. And if weather improves like it should it will be so much nicer then the cold, snow and slush I been running in.

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Flo said...

Brucie Bruce Bruce!! Didn't know you had a half this weekend, can't wait to hear the dirt, you're going to be fabuloso even if you treat it as a "long run"....sure. :) Actually, that's a smart thing to do if you can hold back, I know I can't though.

And congrats on the mileage, that Feb. is going to be your top month is super great since it's a short month anyway.

I'm like you, too, checking the weather to decide my days off. Hope that slush disappears soon, makes for some cold tootsies!