Monday, May 19, 2008

Cleveland Marathon

Im trying to keep things has postive has possible. Some times its just not your day. But to the start. I got up early to meet Rick and the others for the trip up to Cleveland. We Met Bob, Leonard and Ron at 4:30 on the way there. We got up there about 6 and it was pouring. Made a pit stop and finished getting ready to run putting the chronotrack disposable tag on my shoe. I hadn't felt like eating but I ate some fig newtons to have something. I tend to over eat the night before and getting up early didn't put me in mood to eat.
It starting pouring good has me and Rick stood at the starting line. So we got soaked before we even started. Just stood there getting rained on, no room to move around. A few minutes late the race started. Me and Rick planned to run it together and got off to good start. The first few miles went real well. Mile 3 had some hills on it and still made our goal pace. But in beginning we were going too hard.
Between miles 5 or 7 miles the rain let up. But it was enough to be soaked for the rest of the race. Then the wind picked up. Seemed like you were running into a wind for alot of the race from there on. We did too many early miles below our goal pace. We should be running 9:44 if it was perfect, so the 9:09 at mile 7 was way too fast for me. But I was feeling strong I kept getting water every stop. Grab some water, walk a few seconds to drink it and get going again. Alot of the miles were close to goal.
Some where before mile 10 someone told me I was loosing my timing tag. The adhision had come undone. So I took it and put in my pocket, and held it in my hand when I went over a timing mat hoping it would pick it up. It didn't so no official time. About mile 12 we saw our buddy Bob there taking pictures. He came up to support/watch. At this point I was feeling strong. Around mile 14 things started to feel worse. I kept pushing on, didnt actually slow too much yet. Then around 17 things started to go from bad to worse, my right calf started to cramp up. I couldnt run on it, I could feel it spasming. I would run rest of way when I could and walk to work it out. I took a few times to try and stretch it. That would only help for a few minutes. I went from trying to run a goal time to just finishing.
Just past mile 18 a woman came up to and told me she had thought I was her husband and wondered why I didn't answer. So I was like sorry honey I didnt hear you and gave her an on the run hug. I told my buddy, she better have a good looking husband. Hope I didnt get him in to too much trouble. I saw her and her real husband in the finishing area after the race. At least I had something to laugh about. Its nice to have a marathon wife.
The miles 20-24 is into a strong headwind coming off lake Erie. You would think some where on this course you would have wind to your back but I dont remember it. I kept the run/walk going has best I could. My calves just weren't allowing alot of running. My buddy stayed with me the whole time, I think he could of done better but said at end he wasn't too sure cause he had a cold this past week.
I saw the finishline and tryed to finish running. Nope. I did finish running across the finish line but apperantly I should of reached down with my tag. So no official time. But im not sure I would of been able too. I finished in 4:37:44 (watch time). Not close to the 4:15 I wanted but it is what it is I guess.
The positives are: I have finished my third marathon. I hopefully will learn something for my next one. I liked the medal. I feel I can do better. Between the weather and barely running for 3 weeks do to shin splints maybe I should of lowered my goal time. But I started off going after it too hard.

1 9:45
2 9:20
3 9:42
4 9:16
5 9:37
6 9:47
7 9:09
8 9:41
9 9:44
10 9:29
11 9:51
12 10:00
13 9:41
14 9:54
15 10:12
16 10:03
17 11:51
18 10:39
19 12:49
20 11:05
21 11:58
22 11:41
23 12:47
24 12:41
25 12:20
26 12:20
26.2 2:15

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