Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recovery not well

I started out planning to do 2 loops around the park, 5 miles total. I dont think im recovered from marathon, I guess after recovering quickly from my first 2 marathons having it take longer is a little frustrating. My calf still feels like its in knots but not has bad has when I ran Monday morning. I still dont feel normal. (Normal running Donna) After the first loop I was going to make to take a shorter loop and make it a 4 miler. Then before I took the shorter loop, this girl caught up to me and started to talk, asked if I wanted someone to run with. The second loop ended up going so much quicker then the first. Well takes a couple miles to warm up . I found out she forgot her Ipod and just wanted someone to talk to help past the time. I was just a Ipod substitute. Oh well, it sure helped my run having someone to talk too. And maybe some one new to run with. Ended up doing 5.5 miles total. How that happen? Then came home and did the 4 sets of 5 of perfect pushups. Those tougher then they look.

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