Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cleveland Marathon Expo

I went up to the Cleveland Marathon expo this morning. Couldnt find a traveling companion so I went solo. I left too early, so I got there with time to kill. I took a short walk to this little park across the street from the convention center and there was a great view of Cleveland Browns stadium and the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Some guy was there and took a picture of me with Browns stadium in back ground. It was real windy out there, hope that calms down by tomorrow morning.
I walked back to the convention center, finally all the runners were allowed in. Some woman had commented us runners are such trouble makers dont be letting us in. So I went and got all mine and 3 other numbers and packets for buddies. I liked the shirts, black with guitars on back, Rock and roll hall fame is a sponsor. Then I walked around a while, got some free samples, wonder what I ate there? I ended up getting Bart Yasso's new book My life on the Run, he was there autographing them. And got a new pair of sunglasses to run in. I didn't exactly need them but lets just say there was a blonde involved.
I thought about leaving but Bill Rodgers was going to be there to speak in about a half hour so I stuck around for that. Glad I did, it was nice to see a running legend. He stressed determination and hydration during a marathon for everyone. Him and the other speakers that were there, John Bingham and Anne Audain, all said to be a great runner genetics played apart. After he spoke he stayed to sign autographs, so I was able to get my bid number signed and my picture taken with with him. Now to hope some good karma rubs off on me.
Overall happy with the day. Now to just rest up for tomorrow. I hear some expos have more and all but this is biggest race I been to. Tomorrows going to be a long day.

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Flo said...

Go Bruce!! Knock 'em dead tomorrow, have a great time and enjoy your kooky self. Hope your shin is behaving well. I'll be thinking about you all morning, awaiting a full report!