Monday, May 26, 2008

Songs about me.

In the Runago forum I read a question in one of those get to know this person threads. They asked for a song or 2 that described who you are. Tough question. I started to think about it. None really came to mind right away. After I thought about it I remembered someone once said that YouTube - Alannah Myles - "Black Velvet" Music Video someone once said that the song "Black Velvet". I guess it could. Depending on how you look at it. Of course some think I got a "Hollywood smile" more so then a little boys smiles.
Then I thought of Tim McGraws Cowboy in me. YouTube - Tim McGraw - The Cowboy In Me I cannt remember when the last time I was on a horse. But more then once I have been my own worse enemy. Even in my running. This week I am trying to not be mileage obsessed. But if I come up short May will be first month in a year and a half I didn't make it to 100 miles for the month. I know its basically just an abitrary number. But its a monthly mileage goal. And you would think with a marathon this month it would be easy. But during taper I was nursing a shin splint. The week after I barely ran while recovering. This week still got some lower leg issues. So do I give up the streak and take most of week off to rest leg or run enough to make it too 100. I probably will take tomorrow off, so it will depend on how I feel wednesday. Even just running wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I could still make it without going over board. That is if I wasn't hurting.

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