Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Speaker Schedule

10 days, 7 hours till marathon.............

The speaker schedule for the expo at Cleveland marathon is below. I know I will be going up on Saturday, not certain what time yet. I would like to see Bill Rodgers. Maybe Bart Yasso too if I decide to be up there that long. Might just go up and play it by ear. Of course I need to get shin healed and get thru the race, preferably no worse then I am now.

The speaker schedule is as follows:
Friday May 16, 2008
Saturday May 17, 2008
11:30am - Course Talk
12:00pm - Pace Team
12:30pm – Bart Yasso
1:00pm – Bill Rodgers
1:30pm - Doug Kurtis
2:00pm – Anne Audain
2:30pm – Course Talk
3:00pm – Pace Team
3:30pm – Bart Yasso
4:00pm – Bill Rodgers
4:30pm – Doug Kurtis
5:00pm – Anne Audain

10:30am – Course Talk
11:00am – Pace Team
11:30am – John Bingham
12:00pm - Bill Rodgers
12:30pm – Anne Audain
1:00pm – Doug Kurtis
1:30pm – Bart Yasso
2:00pm – Course Talk
2:30pm – Pace Team
3:00pm – John Bingham
3:30pm – Bart Yasso
4:00pm – Doug Kurtis
4:30pm – Bill Rodgers
5:00pm – Anne Audain

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