Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long run

I got in 14 mile long run today. It was extremely humid the first 8 or 9 miles. Then the rain let loose. Rained like elephants and rhinos. This was day 2 of 9. In 9 days me and Rick will do 2 5K's a 14 mile long run and a half marathon. Ran the Smokey Hollow 5K yesterday (Saturday) it was hot and hilly race. Well put together and overall a good race. But nost mile 2 was uphill. And alot of mile 3 was uphill too. Most people were a minute to 2 minutes slower then normal. I was about a minute and half slower then at Sharpsville 5K.
So now the plan is to do the Fredonia 5K on Wednesday evening. Its a planned training run, yea right. Then next Sunday I am going to Erie, PA for the Presque Isle Half Marathon. What a way to train for a marathon?? I might not be getting in alot of miles per week, but I am getting in my long runs, speedwork and hill runs so hopefully I will be ready. Not to mention my training races.

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