Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I got my half mile intervals in. 5.6 miles total, 6 hard half miles. The plans almost got ruined. I was supposed to my buddy at the track at 6. The track was closed for soccer or football practice. Wasnt any where measured off I knew of to run them, so ended up at this close park that doesnt really have any where to run. Its soccer fields and volleyball courts and bocce ball. But we did a quick measurement, ideally we wanted a half mile and a quarter mile. We ended up with a half mile that went down and into a loop back where we towards where we started. But it was over .3 mile back to start. So the recovery period was longer but got in the hard halfs. Of course had to run over a few soccer moms, jump over speed bumps, and it was mostly rolling hills. To top it off started to rain about the second half mile. It let up for a bit then when we were starting our last one it started to pour even harder. Well at least we got them in.

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