Saturday, December 13, 2008


Im such a wimp. I woke up at 6 to go run at 7 for this run put on bye the trail club, I had planned to do just one loop. But I woke snow on the ground and it was 17* out. I lollygaged around, then finally drove to park and got there about 8. Which is when I normally show up. I was going to either jump on trail alone or just stay on roads. But a few of the guys were about to start the second loop, only knew what but heck I can run with almost anyone. The trails there barely had a dusting of snow. Other then being frozen were in good shape. One of the guys I ran with came from Pittsburgh, the another came down from Cleveland. And I had trouble getting moving this morning, good thing I didnt have to drive that far. I stuck to my plan and just did one loop of 8.3 miles. They continued on. One guy was planning to do the whole 50 miles, he's signed up for a 100 miler next spring. Other guy was going to do around 32. Made me feel wimpy. One nice part of running trails with going that far is they were going at a nice easy pace. We even stopped at the covered bridge to talk to some others that were doing the loop in the opposite direction. Maybe next time I will do a less wimpy 2 loops.

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