Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sharpsville 5K

Wednsday evening I went and ran the Sharpsville 5K. Its my 5th time running, havent missed it since I started running. So I didnt want to ruin the streak. I know theres a few of them but I hate to miss one. There used to be a festival with it but the festival got cancelled last year but they kept the race. I seem to like mid week races. My buddy Rick showed up and we did a warm up mile. It was warm enough that it wasnt going to take much to warm up. The weather report had me thinking we might get a storm but it was clear and sunny.
We got started about a 100 of us. I was using this and a few other mid week races this summer has part of my speed training for Akron Marathon. I thought I went out a little too fast, 7:53 at what I thought was mile 1. I didn't fall off too much, the course was a perfect out and back and I was at 12:17 at the half. I was dying but I tryed to keep close to that pace. But the way back wasn't has good. Not really an uphill but an enough upgrade to make you hate it. Hit mile 2 at 8:10. I passed a bar but no one had set up a beer stop. Then a funeral home, which at this point might of been needed. When did 3 miles get so tough?
I came around the last turn and you can see the finish line. Nothing like a finish line to rivive you. I passed 2 other runners and finished in 25:03. Im happy with the time, the best I had run a 5K in a year and a half. Well back to my plan of casual marathon training.

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