Monday, June 9, 2008

Akron Marathon Training

My training plan for the Akron Marathon is starting today. I am going to use a plan that more closely resembles the plan I used for Cleveland in '07. Simply put my plan is:
* Mondays and Fridays will be rest days. Fridays is my golf day so that will be easy to use has a rest day (except I might race on the fourth of July). Mondays are after my long run so that fits. If I feel I need it I will take a third rest day.
* Long runs will be Sundays. I plan to start at 10 (maybe 12) miles and move up 2 miles every other week. The in between week run a 8 to 12 miler.
* Speedwork once a week on either Wednesday or Thursday. It will be a combination of hillwork, intervals and certain races I picked out.
* I plan to run 2 or 3 easy runs a week, 4 to 7 miles. They will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I still think you need lots of miles, but I realize I need a day or 3 of rest each week. So going with a more conservative approach mileage wise. Being carefull not to jump up too fast this time around. At least thats the plan right now. I didnt get hurt last year going into Cleveland. This year I got the shin splint that still wont go away completely. But seems to be real close. Even though I am just coming off I a marathon I think taking has much time has I did because of the shin splint I think I lost some of the speed and endurance I had. So will train like im starting from stratch. I probably could take a maintenance attitude and still finish. But I would like to improve on my time, finish in better shape after it with no or less severe calf cramps.
Also since I know this is supposed to be a hilly course I plan to do more hill work in training and not have has high of goals in marathon, but train like I do.

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