Sunday, June 29, 2008

12 miler

I got in 12 miler like planned today. Ran it with Rick, Leonard and Jim ran first 9 with us. It was real humid out and going out the first 4 miles too fast hurt me the last mile or so. Just glad I got it in. The humidity was a killer.

The next week's plan is to do some intervals on Wednesday, with a 8 miler on Sunday and a easy run on Tuesday and Saturday. Being off Friday and the Canfield 4 miler is Friday morning. Rick wants to run it, I wont be close to him but might go run it to see what I can do. We did decide to do an "easier" interval workout Wednesday so we will be recovered for it. The following Sunday we plan to do 14, hopefully it wont be has humid. Or we might have to start going earlier.

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