Friday, June 6, 2008


Last night I went to the Immaculate Heart of Mary 5k fun run. Even says fun run on the Tshirt. I took my niece with me, she plans to run cross country this year and needs some races. Shes actually real small for age but still could get better unless she has the same speed genes her uncle has. We got there and got signed up. I decided to run it all with my niece, that way it would definitely be a fun run, someone gave me this advice since im still having some lower leg problems, must of been baggins or Billp or Flyguy or ME or MickeyD or secretgarden or Jeanbean or bamarunner, not sure I cannt remember. Any ways I did about a mile warm up, didnt take much since it was about 85 degrees out. I stretched out some then time to start. We lined up towards the back. Then made the classic mistake of going out too hard. 3 miles is still a big distance for her. She needs more endurance, I dont think she runs regularly but I dont think thats uncommon for a 14 year old. We hit mile one at 8:52. She started to slow down. Mile 2 was 10:02. She seemed to lose it in the heat. She wasn't liking my motivational techniques, unfortunately I didnt have a horse whip to keep her moving. I could tell she was sandbagging, at the end she sprinted at the finish. She waited till there was 30 or 40 yards left and took off. She out sprinted me to the finishline, we finished in 33:30. She got third for her age group. Then we ate at the festival, a great garlic bread bowl with cavatelli and meatball. And people run to lose weight????

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