Sunday, June 22, 2008

Casual marathon training

I really dont feel like im in "marathon training". I not sure how to explain but since im basing this training on 2 big workouts a week. I have been doing them. First is a speed training session on Wednesdays. Either hills, intervals(including yasso's0, possibly tempo runs and races. I have 3 5K races lined up on Wednesdays during this training plan.
The other important day is Sunday. It's my long run day, maybe the most important day of the plan. I got my long run plan made out and feel it should build up me up just right. The rest of the week I want 2 days of rest or cross training and 2 or 3 days of easy runs. This week I had 21.6 miles. Before it would of bothered me but I ran what I had planned on Sunday, 8 miles and did my hill run on wednesday. My mileage is a little lacking but I think earlier this year while training for Cleveland marathon it would of really bothered me.
Next week I plan to do the Sharpsville 5K on wednesday. I look at it has a crowded tempo run. That way if I dont run a great time I can call it a training race. Then Sunday I plan to run 12 miles. I think my shin is doing better so hopefully not pushing the days and mileage and concentrating on a couple runs a week might be better for me.

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