Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 16

My streak reached 16 days. I got in 11 miles this morning in what was the best day to run in whats felt like forever. My reocrd for streaking is 19 days. Since my orginal plan was to run every day till I go back to work. Or fall apart. I see no reason I wont break that record. Of course my pace has gotten even worse then normal. Hoping with the extra mileage that it will get faster on its own. Hey I can hope. The training plan im following has speed work coming up.

Here's the plan for this week coming up, its supposed to be a cutback week. I mean it will be.

Monday rest
Tuesday 4 miles
Wednesday 5 miles
Thursday 4 miles
Friday 5 miles
Saturday 3 miles
Sunday 8 miles


Melanie said...

great job on the streak, i'm sure you'll break it too :) Enjoy the rest day and the cut-back week!

Melanie said...

LOL.. haha, can't fool ya, can i? :D