Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dirty Dog 10K

It was a cold and desolate day only fit for ice fisherman or the hardiest of runners. Ok actually it was mild in mid 30's even 40ish out. But the lake was still frozen. My buddy Rick and picked me and up and we were picking up our numbers. They didnt give shirts away here, gave wool hats instead. This is my third time at the Dirty Dog 10K. I have only missed one of them.

We walked around a bit till the start. Since the parking lot was too icy we started on the lake. Yep first for me. To keep this short the melting snow might not be best traction. The main trails were alright to run, packed down at least. The sections of single track were brutal to run. Even with Yak trac on there was little traction has the snow just gave out on me. There was one section next to the road that was the roughest section and if you werent carefull would step in a stream. My buddy slipped a few times but landed on soft snow.
We finished in a PR. Or is it PW. It was my worse time in a 10K ever. But I feel I got a good work out in, especially with the conditions. If it had been yesterday the snow might of been frozen more so more traction but lot nicer to run in 40* then 10*. Going to ice ankle for a bit, it took a beating today. Well back to normal marathon training tomorrow.

Racers going to Starting line.

Me before race.


Girl In Motion said...

What a cool race! You always find the strange ones. :-) Love the photos, it's so fun to see what other kooks are running in, though that looks just plain hard. Hope your ankle feels better asap!

Melanie said...

Definitely a cool race! great job getting it done :) Have a great weekend.

Some guy named John said...

Wow, that sounds like serious fun!

Denise said...

Sounds like such a cool race...although I think I'd be scared of falling through the ice.