Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back at work

Yes Im back to work. What a place laid off to overtime in a day. I think they waited too long to call people back and now their behind. After 5 weeks off its hard to really care that much. Hey what if me and the other welder had found other jobs? To be honest it wont surprise me if we get laid off again in a couple weeks.

Any ways back to important stuff. Running! Or lack of it. I did run yesterday, did a 4.5 miler with 15 minutes at tempo pace. I am sticking to my plan only going to run 4 days this week. The foot and shin weren't has bad today but continuing to ice them and cut back this week. Tomorrow I plan to get a run in of some sort. I think I will see how it feels and go from there. Might just be an easy run or a fartlek or a tough hill run. Basically will see how my foot/shin are feeling.

I recently applied to GU for sponsorship. You would think they could at least email back an standard rejection letter. Is that too much to ask? I think I would be a good promoter for them. I would obviously promote them on my blog. Plus if I wore their log on my shirt while marathoning it would be out there longer, much longer then if they got some elite runner or evena Boston Qualifier to wear it. Well I will give them a few more days, maybe they got alot to go thru. Plus I will mostly be getting more GU for my long run this weekend.

If anyone out there needs or wants someone to help promote your product Im willing to be a sponsored runner. Yes I will turn pro. Even if I haven't tryed the product I will. Ok I will actually try it and post a fair and honest (wink, wink) assesment of it. Ok now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.


Melanie said...

what a cool idea. i'm curious to find out if you hear back, and if you get sponsored! :) Good luck!

dps said...

Hi Bruce,

It's your lucky day. My name is Devon, and I work for OutsidePR. One of our clients is GU. I'd be happy to send you some GU Roctane for your training. Of course, we'd love to see a posting telling the blogging world what you think of Roctane. Please let me know, I'll send it out this week.
(email: devon at