Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is the streak over?

I think Im letting the streak end today. Several things added up to this.

* My foot is still hurting.
* This is actually supposed to be a cutback week in my plan so a off day sounds good.
* Some people simply arent meant to run every day.
* It was -4*F when I got up this morning.
* Im sure theres more reasons, help me out people.
* thinking of more excuse.

Since the weather is going to warm up for the next week or so I rather take a rest day when its around 0 then closer to 40*F. I know im a wimp. Yes I wimped out today.

I did do a stretching routine with the jump stretch band I just got. I haven't figured out if im doing them right or not but I think I stretched something out. Hopefully the foot pain is being caused by tight calf or shin muscles and some more consistent stretching will help them. Thats the theory im working with right now. That combined with some ibuprofen. Also added an arch support to my shoes. Hopefully one or all of these will get rid of this foot pain. I have been running on it and probably will continue too.

The problem is I cannt find anything that describes it perfectly. Its usually worse in morning or if Im sitting for long periods of time, like Plantaar fascitis. But it's on the top of the foot. Its right in line with the big toe at highest point of the arch. I read something about a sesmotidis (SP?) but thats for the ball of the foot. So I keep trying what im doing for a week or so. I can deal with some aches and pains but it was getting a little much. I feel so wimpy today.


I added a few more to my podcast subscriptions. They were mentioned in other podcasts that I like so giving them a try soon.

Also Melanie I know not everyone will like podcasts. Lots of people just prefer music or nothing. I ran years till I got a MP-3 players. But I hope you or anyone else who trys one of the podcasts I mention like it. No big deal, Ill just think your weird if you dont.

WHy do I keep wanting to call her Melsie?


Melanie said...

lol... been called worse :P take care of that foot... get some rest...

Denise said...

You did great with the 19 days. Better to listen to your body then risk getting hurt. Heh, if I could only take my own advice!