Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twist and Shout, crash and burn

I got up to meet Rick for our 15 mile long run according to the training plan by Dean Karnazes. So I got there a few minutes early. It was 22*F and windy and snow with some good slush on the roads. Wonderful. We had some others joining us for the run. Bob showed up no Len. He was up to late he says watching the Pavlik fight. Another guy joined us I had seen him a couple other runs. Him and Bob ran the first 3.5 miles with us and called it a day. If only to be them.

Me and Rick continued on. The foot wasnt hurting too bad. The shin splint became noticable but not too bad. It's in same spot has last year so hoping a few extra rest days over the next couple weeks will help it. I trying some things, relaced shoes differently, icing more, different stretches. Actually just stretching in general might be a help.

Around mile 9ish I took a GU Energy and drank some more water. We really weren't pushing the pace but with the cold and wind made it a little tougher. Then while running along lake Newport the wind picked up. Off the lake the wind seems to be even colder and stronger. Shortly after this was when the roof fell in. It was between miles 12 and 13 I just felt hungry and suddenly had no energy. So I was just trying to keep moving. I had no choice but to finish, and ran has much of it has I could. I was wet and cold so being out there longer would make it worse.

I got it done. I actually felt worse then 20 milers I had done in the past. Not sure exactly what happened but maybe I over did it this week. The plan stepped up this week, added intervals on Thursday plus longer long run. Also I did 8 on Saturday instead of 5. Total weekly mileage was good at 41.5 miles. Solid week for me. Didn't get the best night of sleep either. Hopefully next week's planned 17 miler will go better.

Here's how next week should look im sure it will vary a little
Mon Rest
Tue Tempo 15 minutes
Wed 5 miles easy
THU Intervals 5x800m @ 5K pace
Fri 6 miles easy
Sat 5 miles easy
Sun 17 miles long run.

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Melanie said...

good job on the run.. sounds like we both had a 'tough' one today... kudos on getting it done. Keep icing, hope the runs this week feel better.