Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unlucky 13 miler

Orginally I planned to run with my training partner Rick. Then he said him and "the Chick" were going to his sisters place in Baltimore. Then called me Friday evening and said he was in for the long run Sunday. "The Chick" got sick. I was going to run it Saturday but Sunday was better for us. Then this morning he called and he had a sinus headache. So I went to the park where my 13 miler was planned out.
I had my MP3 player with me and listened to several podcasts along the way. Its one way to go from New England to Texas to England back to New England. In other words listened to Runrunlive, Rundigger, Running with the Reaper and part of a 4 feet running episode I had listened to before.
I got the run done and got back to where the Road Runners club was meeting today. They were doing a sweethearts picnic or something. I guess not many showed up today. I dont know why, usually when they have food they get a good crowd. And for February it wasnt a bad day. A little cold in mid 20's but not windy or snowing or rain. I went inside to say hi to a few and pass out a couple Sponge Bob suckers I had. Only 2 woman there so I still got lot of suckers. Wilma said it was her first piece of valentine candy. Not sure to feel good about it or like a bad influence. Either way she seemed happy. Then they dumped some leftovers on me and I was out of there.

All for now.

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Melanie said...

great job getting out there even though you were solo, enjoy the food! :)