Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GOing has planned

Yesterday got in the tempo run has planned. Me and Rick ran it around Lake Newport at Mill Creek park. Overall I thought it went good. Today I went over to Bob's place and we met up with Leonard and ran around Girad for a 5 miler. Both runs reminded me that I need to be more careful of how much and what I eat when I run in afternoon. I definitely have been eating too much and last 2 days too close to when I went running. If I ran hard today definite chance I would lost my lunch.

I think I never gave my ankle time to heal. The foot pain I keep getting was there before I twisted my ankle back in November. I only took less then a week off of total running. I cut back for a couple weeks but not that much. From time to time it still swells up occasionally. Not bad just a little on the side but I keep thinking maybe it needed more rest time. Well the damage is done, Im not about to take a week off now for a twisted ankle in November. Hopefully there wont be a next time cause we all know I will rush back to running too soon again.

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