Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unplanned tempo run

This evening I went to Buhl Park. My only plan was to run 8 miles. I decided to run on my 1.6 mile loop. The first loop started off so good I decided to try and make it a Marathon Pace run. THen the second loop was going even better, it was at the high end of my tempo pace. (I base all paces on running a 4:15 marathon from Mcmillan calculator) So I turned it into a tempo run on the run. Literally. Next 2 loops went real well my best loop was 14:36. I think if I was doing a short run I could of done better. Or if I was even planning to do it might of helped. Ended up running 5 loops total, eased off the last loop. Total time 1:15:02. It must be this weather we been having helping me, 68 and sunny today.

Total miles for week is at 21 miles. I might be wrong but for Monday thru Wednesday its a probably a mileage PR. In real good shape for my 50 mile goal, with a 20 planned on Sunday long has I got 9 plus miles Thursday thru Saturday I got it.

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