Monday, April 28, 2008

Hays in the bale

I got my last long run in Sunday, its 3 weeks to go. I wish I felt ready. But I got a shin splint. I thought it was doing better but not has good has I thought. I probably be taking a few more days off this week then I want to, even though its the taper. I have to get this taken care of. SO next couple days will be lots of stretching and icing. Dont look like there will be much running this week. I kept thinking it would be ok, I had to get last long run in. I got it in and in a day or 2 if this is doing better I will feel good about it. If not IM not sure what I will do. Till a week ago I felt real good about my training. I thought I had a real good chance at making my goal in the marathon. Of course I may still do it, but hate the thought of taking too many days off right now. True I am tapering so hopefully the extra days off wont hurt. I wouldnt be running today any ways, but would be nice to be feeling good right now. If I had regular soreness from running long yesterday I would be feeling lot more confident.
Yesterdays run just didn't go has good has I had hoped. I my right calf cramped up, (not the one with the shin splint) I had a stomach problem (could of eaten fig newtons too fast) and then felt dead the last couple miles. Other wise it went great. I actually thought I was running strong for 15 or 16 miles. I do know we were slower the second half of the run. It was 10.5 miles out and back. Well time to taper. Like I say, Hays in the bale, so nothing I can do now but taper and go race on the 18th in Cleveland.

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